One-stop application delivery management tool to empower your digital vision

图片1.png High Availability

Load balancing product senses the distribution of service flow, elastic expansion controls the dynamic scaling, self-healing system recovers service normal operation, HA and cluster ensures service real-time and continuity.

图片2.png High Security

In depth detection of packet content, effective defense against DDoS attacks, protection of DNS and Mail security, fine control of access rights and audit contents.

24626516-012b-4f8f-b803-4206ae7914a1(2).png Application Visualization

Through real-time data monitoring, the abnormal areas, applications, networks and servers can be identified, and the original technology can be used to quickly locate the root cause of the faults, so as to improve the service quality of the network and the performance of the whole application.

83f28a39-c02f-4ae0-912d-26358b91b4c2(1).png Powerful Management Platform

Elastic service management products, flexible docking with cloud platform, it realizes automatic deployment, elastic expansion, resource pooling and centralized management of NFV.

f5d95f40-a2d8-4065-b5ca-fb452fd1be09(1).png Application Intelligence

In depth and accurate business detection, a variety of automatic business recovery methods, rapid recovery of business applications; The flexible strategy can realize the flexible expansion and intelligent control of application, which can ensure the continuous operation of key business and accelerate the user's access experience to the greatest extent.