Reference Cases

Reference Cases

Shanghai Big Data Government Wechat Platform
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Project scenario

Server load balancing

Project overview

This project is the No.1 Project of Shanghai government. The information learned during the implementation process will be explained.
This project is the first batch of pilot projects in Shanghai and may be promoted nationwide in the future. At present, the first stage is closely implemented to integrate the public security government wechat cloud system. Alibaba and Tencent provide wechat private cloud and related services, which are integrated into a unified platform. Horizon Networks carry out business load on this platform. This business is used by the public security system of the whole city, with a large number of users, high concurrent connection and large traffic demand.

User requirement

  • Multi service integration, using load balancing equipment to automatically allocate traffic to multiple servers to balance load as much as possible.
  • Through the health monitor mechanism to check the server's associated business, even if a single node fails, it can also ensure the normal business.
  • Application delivery equipment must support HA mode to prevent single point of failure.


In this solution, the server mode is used for deployment, and the HA mode is used for connection synchronization, so as to ensure the fast and high availability when the active-standby switch occurs.
For all application servers, virtual services can be configured on Horizon SuperAD to achieve load balancing. At the same time, the equipment can continuously check the health status of the server. Once a fault server is found, it will be removed from the load balancing server pool, and the client's request will not be distributed to the server, so as to ensure the high availability of the system.

Implementation effect

According to the results of pre-test and formal launch, Horizon SuperAD application deliverer can automatically distribute user traffic to different servers according to the predefined algorithm, which solves the problem of traffic balanced distribution; At the same time, Horizon SuperAD application deliverer monitors the back-end server's real-time business. Once the problem is found, the fault server's traffic distribution is disconnected and the customer is informed at the same time to ensure the business stability.

Why choose us

  • The comprehensive cost performance ratio is high. One device has the functions of link load balancing / server load balancing and global server load balancing. Other functions are free.
  • Stable product performance and stable equipment operation.