Reference Cases

Reference Cases

Shanghai Medical Insurance Bureau
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Project scenario

Link load balancing and server load balancing

Project overview

With the formal establishment of the State Medical Security Bureau, China's medical insurance reform has opened a new chapter in a new era. According to the general requirements of the notice of the general office of the State Council on printing and distributing the national standard system construction and development plan (2016-2020) (GBF [2015] No. 89),  carry out the construction of medical insurance information system according to the technical standards, business standards and business specifications of the National Medical Security Bureau and Shanghai Medical Security informatization; The construction mode and content of the Shanghai Medical Insurance platform are based on the national unified technical standards, business standards, business specifications and the construction requirements of the Shanghai Medical Insurance platform, and the Shanghai medical insurance information support platform and information system are constructed in three ways of "unified construction, collaborative construction and independent construction".

User requirement

  • Make full use of link resources to provide Intelligent DNS resolution of inbound traffic and a record resolution.
  • It provides L7 and user-defined health check function to ensure the normal operation of business in case of server downtime or application failure.
  • It provides programmable script function, which can flexibly realize the L7 load balancing of application system.
  • Load balancer must support HA to prevent single point of failure.


For each business system of the medical insurance information platform of Shanghai Medical Insurance Bureau, in the whole scheme, Horizon Networks load balancing equipment has two roles,one is link load balancing + global server load balancing, providing inbound service mapping function and DNS intelligent resolution function,the other role is server load balancing, which undertakes the application load balancing of all business systems of the whole medical insurance information platform, including the encryption and decryption load balancing of business. The business systems involved include medical insurance settlement, cross provincial medical treatment, medical insurance portal, medical insurance control fee, DRGs payment and other systems, to ensure the high availability and stability of the core business system of the entire data center.

Implementation effect

Through the deployment of SuperAD link load balancing and server load balancing, the following benefits are provided to customers:

  1. Complete DNS resolution function, provide a variety of DNS record resolution, provide link failure DNS fast switch function. It ensures that users can quickly access the business system that medical insurance provides services to the Internet, and improves the user experience.
  2. It improves the processing ability of medical insurance business system and ensures the stability and high availability of the system.
  3. For different business systems, through the server health check of user-defined script, the running status of each server in the server group can be detected in time, and the intelligent load sharing can be carried out, which improves the stability and availability of the application system.
  4. SuperAD device adopts redundant hardware architecture to ensure the reliability of equipment hardware and the high reliability of user service.
  5. SuperAD device provides good scalability. When the new business system of the later medical insurance system is implemented, it only needs to add the actual server IP in the device to realize seamless integration.

Why choose us

  • The load balancing mechanism based on message queue and long connection can meet the complex business processing of medical insurance, including TCP short connection, TCP long connection, UDP, HTTP and other application protocols.
  • Intelligent programmable script control technology, to achieve the complex business connection persistence.
  • Due to the complexity of the medical insurance application system, it is also very important for the applied health monitor methods. It supports the multi-level health monitor system, from simple ICMP to complex database inspection, and even the user self programmed health inspection methods bring the variety and flexibility of inspection.