Reference Cases

Reference Cases

Cloud Platform of Shanghai Public Security Bureau
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Project scenario
Cloud computing application delivery

Project overview

According to the requirements of the Ministry of public security on the development and deployment of public security science and technology informatization, the public security data center should take cloud platform as the core technology, respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce the repeated investment in the hardware of public security science and technology informatization, enhance the operation and maintenance safety management of the data center, and build a new generation of high-tech and highly available data center.To achieve the unified management of basic hardware and software resources, on-demand distribution, comprehensive utilization, in order to obtain the basic resources to meet the needs, and truly realize the on-demand allocation of resources. In addition, Shanghai Police cloud computing platform is also easy to integrate the original equipment, realize the integration of different resources, unified scheduling and management of heterogeneous resources, protect investment, save costs, and help to solve the problem of repeated investment in public security informatization.The specific requirements are as follows:

  • Upgrade the existing VMware virtualization platform, build Huawei cloud and integrate the existing VMware platform
  • Application delivery resources can be integrated into VMware and Huawei cloud platform
  • Realize flexible expansion and dynamic adjustment of application delivery resources
  • Intelligent monitoring and self-healing of business system

User requirement

  • Support script function to realize HTTP L7 load balancing
  • Support unified management platform, and license can be allocated flexibly
  • Virtual load balancing must support HA to prevent single point of failure
  • Virtualization load balancing products must support the Xen and VMware virtualization platforms
  • Improve the stability and availability of cloud platform application system, and improve the quality of business access


As shown in the figure above, several sets of VirtualAD and CloudMC management platform are deployed on Huawei and VMwrae virtualization platforms of public security respectively. The load balancing mode of application system on each cloud platform is configured as the HA active / standby mode, and the HTTP seven layer template is configured. The traffic is distribute to different servers according to the keyword segment matching strategy of the access URL; At the same time, the back-end server is configured with HTTP health monitor template to check the health status of the application server in real time to ensure the stability of the system; VirtualAD enabled link reuse and compression function, greatly reducing the server pressure. The VirtualAD and SuperES products are balanced by the Virtualization Server of Horizon Networks, and the high availability guarantee and flexible scheduling of virtual machine resources are realized for all public security business systems; The CloudMC of Horizon Networks is deployed on the cloud platform to realize the flexible allocation of application delivery resources, which can be allocated according to the actual business needs, and the resources can be dynamically expanded or recycled, so as to provide the full life cycle resource service of application delivery.
In the public security cloud computing architecture, Horizon Networks's server load balancing and global server load balancing are deployed on the virtualization platforms of the two data centers. Through powerful load balancing, application acceleration, server performance optimization, cloud computing and other technologies, users' needs are met. At the same time, it allocates the load of the data center between the two service centers.
VirtualAD can also greatly simplify network deployment, management and maintenance through automatic operation. For example, in the data center and between the data center, the API interface of VirtualAD and the virtual center management console of VMware communicate directly to guide users to adjust the network according to the changing application conditions.
The VirtualAD Series application delivery products of Horizon Networks are designed to adapt to the current development of data center and the rapid growth of applications.The system adopts the latest multi-core and multi-processor technology, which can provide high-performance L4-L7 application processing capacity. The original SPOS operating system can ensure the availability and reliability of applications through rich L7 features and flexible health monitor function while providing high-performance. VirtualAD Series products can run on VMware, KVM and Hyper-V platforms, showing excellent performance and stability.

Implementation effect

 At present, Shanghai public security cloud platform has been put into use. The legal office and the entry-exit business system have used virtualization load balancing to ensure the stability of the business system. The quality of business access has been reliably guaranteed, and the access speed has also been significantly improved. Benefit from the health monitor mechanism of Horizon Networks VirtualAD application delivery products, the public security monitoring center has successfully realized the real-time monitoring of server health status. When the server fails, Horizon VirtualAD products can immediately switch the next connection of users to other normal servers to ensure the stability of application services, the two VirtualAD application delivery products are connected in the way of HA active standby. The equipment in standby state uses "heartbeat line" to monitor the status of active equipment. When the host fails, the two devices will complete the switch in millisecond time, and the standby machine will switch to the active state immediately, which ensures the stability of the whole business system access.

Why choose us

  • Domestic brand, independent and controllable, high cost performance.
  • The virtualization load balancing and CloudMC unified management platform realizes the flexible and scalable ability of cloud application delivery products, and the software throughput can be flexibly allocated through the management platform
  • The equipment configuration and maintenance are simple and convenient compared with foreign products, and the technical service is provided by the original factory personnel.
  • Powerful functions: L7 load balancing function, compression, connection reuse, etc. greatly reduce the pressure of the server.